Why Avoid Petroleum Based Products

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Vaseline… What’s so wrong with it?


So… Winter is well and truly on the way. Nights are getting darker, the clocks go back soon, and we all know that colder days mean drier skin. Out comes the tin of petroleum jelly for your lips right?

And what’s so bad about that? Its cheap enough and it does the job. It just works! I’m not about to argue with that! I love saving money too! Put it this way though… You’re bloody starving and you eat a boat load of junk food rather than cooking a proper dinner. It fills a hole but doesn’t fuel you properly or nourish your body. Petroleum based products are exactly the same. They make a super effective barrier but they don’t have any ‘nutritional value’ whatsover for your skin!


So why is it even used?

Basically, because it’s cheap. Petroleum jelly is a by-product of the oil refinery pocess. It’s essentially the gunk that builds up in the machinery (Thats how it was discovered on an oil rig back in the 1800’s!)

But it’s used in major brands so it must be safe to use right?

The problem here is that as consumers, we have no way of knowing if the refining process used is high or low grade. And cosmetics companies will sometimes give in to temptation and use lower grade oils to reduce their expenses. Business is business after all. Now this is where the dangers are. When the refining is done at a lower grade, the petroleum will retain some of the more toxic (And even cancer causing) chemicals.


Petroleum Refinery


So what should I do now then??

Well obviously we’re going to say look out for plant based products. Replace petroleum, petroleum jelly, mineral oil and parffin with shea or cocoa butter, beeswax and vegetable/plant based oils!

Check out our Natural Kisses Lip Balm to see examples of some of the nourshing ingredients to look out for!

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