Top 10 Skin Care Tips

Published by Steph on

So you probably see tonnes and tonnes of articles about how best to look after your skin. They’re probably all perfectly valid. We just wanted to share our favourite natural tips!


1. Start from the inside!

Cow’s milk is the Joker to my Batman… It does horrid things to my skin but I love cheese! and pizza! So many foods can have an impact on not only our waistline, but our skin too! My face loves to tell me when I’ve had too much milk! Keep track of what you’re puttng into your body, and the effect it has on your skin. If in doubt, make a rainbow with your fruit and veg! colourful food can’t be a bad thing, can it??


colourful food for your skin

2. Massage more!

Now I’m not talking full body massage here… unless you’ve got time for one! Simply take a few seconds to massage your cleanser and moisturiser into you skin rather than just applying and wiping. The little extra pressure will boost circulation and help improve your complexion!


3. Exfoliate regularly, but softly!

Yup. little and often is the key here. Your skin cells do replace themselves and it really helps to get rid of the old, dead skin cells and allow the new ones to shine through! Go gently though or you run the risk of damaging the newly formed cells. Once or twice a week sould be plenty, depending on your skin type!


4. Don’t sleep in your make up!

I’m so guilty of doing this and I really should know better! How does this sound… make up, sweat, general pollutants from the day, bacteria, all mixed up on your pillowcase and nestled lovingly against your skin all night while you sleep. Gross, right?! Take your make up off before you go to bed. A couple of minutes to save all that yuk clogging your pores all night!


5. Get your beauty sleep!

While we’re talking sleep… make sure you get yours! Studies have shown that lack of sleep, and poor sleep quality can increase the signs of ageing and reduce the skin’s ability to act as an effective barrier. Think how tired your body and mind feel when you’ve not slept properly for a couple of days… Your skin feels it too!

beauty sleep for skin health


6. Fingers off your face!

Your fingers are covered in bacteria of one kind or another throughout the day. When you touch your face, you’re transferring that bacteria onto your face. There it sits, in your pores until you cleanse your face at the end of the day. Touching your face is especially a no no if, like me,  you suffer from breakouts. Leave them well alone and let them heal by themselves. (Its tough… believe me, I know!)


7. Chill out! Slow your roll!

I know… I’m so down with the kids! But seriously… Have you ever noticed that you always get a spot or breakout the day before a big event or occasion?? Its stress! Many studies have shown that the two are linked! So try and take some time for yourself every now and then!


8. Take more time at night!

That’s right… Spend more time on your skincare routine at night.Your skin repairs itself naturally while you sleep, so thats the best time to really nourish it! There’s no need to overwhelm your skin in the morning, and it will save you time getting ready!


9. Hydrate!

This is one you definitely will have seen everywhere! But the value of drinking plenty of water every day cant be overstated. Water will help keep your skin from looking dry and dull, and as an added bonus it helps flush out your system and reduces bloating! If, like me, you live in an area where the tap water doesn’t taste the best, try adding a couple of slices of lemon and cucumber to your water bottle, or infusing some berries!

hydrate your skin


10. Switch it up!

Just like with your clothes, you need to switch up your skincare with the seasons… or at least winter & summer! Colder months mean drier air which isn’t great for your skin. Try using a richer, more nourishing moisturier during the winter, and a lighter one for the warmer months!