The 60 Second Cleansing Method

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So the 60 second method is something we’ve only recently discovered and honestly, I can’t believe we didn’t know about it sooner! It makes perfect sense when you think about it! Ok, so we’ve already talked about cleansing oils and how amazing we think they are. But it’s not just what you use that can make a difference to your skin? It’s the way you use it too!

How long do you spend rubbing in your cleanser? Do you even rub it in? Or do you just apply it with a cotton pad and wipe your make up off? Do you use the dreaded wet wipe?

What if I told you that actually massaging your cleanser in for 60 seconds would help clear your skin and give you a healthy glow? I’m talking really getting in there with your fingers…

Let me explain…

Been for a facial lately? Remember how your skin got warmer? That’s basic friction at work. Blood flow is stimulated by massage, and toxins are flushed from your skin as the blood circulates. The warmth of your skin opens up your pores, and allows dirt and bacteria to be lifted from your skin. This lets the awesome properties of the massage oil sink in.

The same is true for your face! Massaging the skin for just 60 seconds will warm the skin enough to open up the pores and let the cleanser really get tin there and do its job.

A word about purging

So if like me, you normally do a quick cleanse before collapsing into bed, when you first start using the 60 second method you might notice small breakouts. This is purging. It’s completely normal.

Because you normally don’t get into the deeper layers of your skin when you cleanse, bacteria lies dormant there, adding to regular breakouts. Breaking down that dormant bacteria flushes it to the surface of your skin. Don’t worry, it won’t last long! As you continue to properly cleanse your skin you will start to see a massive improvement!

Check out the video below to see the 60 second method in action!

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