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With summer well on its way, we all want our feet looking and feeling flip flop ready! We’ve spent all winter in our trainers and boots and now it’s time to let our feet see the light!

But why bother with a foot cream? Well… your feet might not be exposed to the elements every day, but don’t forget, they do a hell of a lot of work! They’re supporting your body weight more than you realise, and they help balance and stabilise you throughout the day! Too much time on your feet can lead to dry, cracked skin which can become very painful! Nobody likes sore feet!

If you’re diabetic as well you’ll know you really need to take care of your feet, which is in fact the very reason we created our Foot Cream in the first place… Mum is diabetic! Personally I think it’s because she wanted an excuse to make me give her a foot massage but there we go!

Foot Cream
Terrific Tootsies Foot Cream

So what’s in it?

Ok, ingredients time. This is where we let you know exactly what is in our foot cream, and why we selected those particular ingredients. There’s a reason for everything!

Beeswax – Beeswax is amazing at locking in the skin’s moisture. it creates a barrier on the skin which is still breathable, protecting your skin without smothering it! It’s also packed full of wicked benefits, like helping to reduce swelling, treating fungal infections like athlete’s foot thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, and helping to reduce itching! We absolutely had to use beeswax as our key ingredient!

Shea Butter – This was another obvious choice for us. She butter contains high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins which make it great for softening really dry skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties as well as being a great natural healer!

Cocoa Butter – Again, another base ingredient rich in fatty acids! As well as being yet another super hudrating ingredient, it’s also an emollient, which means it creates a breathable protective layer over your skin, while it heals from the inside out! The healthy saturated fats found in cocoa butter are amazing for dry cracked skin. They sink into your skin easily and stay on the skin for hours! And yes… healthy saturated fats are a thing!

Fractionated Coconut Oil – This is the kind of coconut oil that stays liquid, even if stored in the fridge. It makes a great carrier as it sinks into your skin, leaving it feeling super silky! And even though fractionated coconut oil has had the lauric acid removed during the refining process, it still makes a great skin hydrator, and its still packed with anti oxidants and other amazing benefits.

Vitamin E Oil – Widely know as the ‘skin vitamin’, its main role in a lot of skincare products is to act as an anti oxidant. But it is also really great for softening the skin. There’s a pattern emerging here! It’s a rich and thick oil which will sink deep into your skin’s layers and really help to nourish it.

Vanilla Essential Oil – So this was an interesting one for us. We didn’t want to create yet another peppermint foot cream. Everyone does that! We wanted something a little more luxurious and exotic. But with the plus side of it being a lovely fragrance, it also has some great benefits for the skin! Its claimed to have antibacterial properties, and can definitely aid relaxation!

You can get your hands on our Terrific Tootsies Foot Cream right here!

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