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Cleansing Oils
Our Everyday and Clear Skin Cleansing Oils

Cleansing oils! We talked about these a while ago and why they’re so awesome! If you missed that, you can read it here. But as this is a product feature, we’re going to talk about the ones we make! Did you know we make two different blends?


Well for starters, everyone’s skin is different! So it’s pretty impossible to get a one-size-fits-all product here. With that in mind, we went for one blend aimed at ‘normal to dry’ skin, or more mature skin, and one for younger/oily skin which can be prone to breakouts. Aka, me!

So what’s the difference then?

Well the main difference is in the essential oils. The carriers in both are almost the same, with the exception of grapeseed in the Clear skin blend, and Vitamin E in the Everyday blend, both varieties have Jojoba and Rosehip making up the bulk of the base. Jojoba is incredibly close to the skin’s natural PH levels, and Rosehip is an incredible healing oil. So weather you want to heal acne scars or deeply nourish your skin cells, the carriers in either blend will do the hard work there.

The Clear Skin Blend

Now this one is my favourite! You might have read in a previous blog that cows milk is my arch nemesis, but I just can’t quit it! I love cheese and pizza, and biscuits! So my skin usually bears the brunt of my indulgence and punishes me with breakouts. Great!

So when it came to the essential oils we added, we wanted to help treat the acne, but also to heal the skin as well. Obviously Tea Tree was the first choice. It has anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties which help reduce the redness and appearance of acne, and also help regulate the skin’s natural oil levels. Lavender also works in a similar way. It is another anti inflammatory essential oil and will work to unclog the pores (Hello cleansing oil!) We also added Chamomile. Yet another anti inflammatory essential oil which is also great for healing scars. So if you’re like me and struggle to resist squeezing (I know… it’s so bad for your skin), this blend will help to heal the wound.

The Everyday Blend

This one was for mum, and she flippin’ loves it! Now she rarely wears make up, but its it’s still so important to cleanse. Our skin is bombarded with chemicals and pollution every day and we don’t want that yucky stuff hanging around in our pores!

For this blend we chose Rose Geranium essential oil for its ability to stimulate blood circulation and regulate the skins oil production. This will help to leave your skin looking healthy and not dull and dry. Lemongrass is also added to act as a natural cleanser and astringent which will help to tighten and tone the skin!

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