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This was the one! Blissful Body Butter was the start of all things Aroma Indulgence! If you’ve ever met us at an event or spoken to us in person you’ll know the story… I’ll try and cut it short for you!

Blissful Body Butter Then & Now

Mum went to a Chemist to buy a moisturiser, couldn’t pronounce any of the ingredients she saw so decided to make her own! Then, as she often does, came home and decided to do something completely different! She made a body butter! I pinched it and told her she needed to make more! And here we are nearly 3 years later!

So why a body butter rather than a lotion? Well to make a lotion consistency, you need to add water. We didn’t want to add water because what kind of environment does bacteria love to breed in? One with water! Have a look next time you’re browsing the supermarket shelves… the primary ingredient in almost all creams and lotions is ‘Aqua’ or water. That’s why they have a runny, lotion-like consistency. However, to stop bacteria breeding like crazy in the products, preservatives and antibacterial agents must be added. That’s what gives the products a longer shelf life.

Also, we all know that oil and water doesn’t mix, right? Well actually it can… but only when you add emulsifiers into the mix. Now you can get natural emulsifiers, (Or naturally derived at least), but we figure why complicate things? We like to keep our skincare as simple as possible!

Anyway… back to the butter. As well as the reasons above, Mum decided she wanted a nice, thick butter because it just feels so much more luxurious, right? And after doing a lot of research, she decided to whip it up! Yup. With a good old electric whisk! That’s what gives our butter its fluffy texture, rather than it being completely solid!

As for the essential oils… Mum has always been drawn to Lemon, that’s no secret. But it has a lot of benefits for your skin, especially when combined with Orange and Lime essential oils!

There are some surprising benefits that you might not know about! Check out our Beach Ready Body Polish feature to see what they are!

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