Natural Kisses Lip Balm

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Hello again! How’s your January shaping up? Are you settling nicely into 2019?

This week Mum and I wanted to share with you why we love our lip balm! It’s a personal favourite of mine because when I first learned about aromatherapy, lip balm was my very first make! I must have only been fourteen or fifteen at the time because I remember writing about it in my business studies coursework! I wanted this kind of business even way back then!

Early Aromatherapy Business Plan
Back in the day when I was still in school!

Mum has developed a much better recipe than mine was back then thank goodness! So lets look at some of the ingredients we’ve used!

First of all we’ve got Shea Butter! This wonderfully nourishing butter is jam packed with fatty acids, vitamins, and healing properties. It also works really well as an anti-inflammatory ingredient! These properties are no doubt the reason so many cosmetics companies are using shea butter as a skin softening powerhouse!

Next up we have Beeswax! Now I love this because it forms a natural wall against the skin which locks in moisture and protects the skin against the cold weather and all the nasty bugs and dryness that come with it! Just like the shea butter, beeswax is a natural anti-inflammatory, and also has anti-bacterial properties too! And bonus… It won’t clog your pores like many petroleum based balms will!

Natural Kisses Lip Balm

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