Ingredient Spotlight – Chamomile

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Roman Chamomile 
Roman Chamomile flower

For today’s spotlight we’re looking at chamomile, or more specifically, Roman Chamomile. This gorgeous floral oil is made using steam distillation. This process involves bubbling steam through the plant material. The natural oils stored in the plant are released in the vapour, which then rises along with the steam and is collected once it has been cooled and separated from the water.

Roman Chamomile has fantastic anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties, making it wonderful for relieving irritation, wounds, bruises, poison ivy, and eczema! It’s also a great oil for encouraging smooth, healthy skin.

It works amazingly well on bruises and cuts as it’s super gentle for children to use! It’s great for nappy rash too!

Roman Chamomile has been known to relieve arthritic pain as it penetrates deep below the surface layers of the skin. This allows the anti inflammatory properties to work where they’re needed the most. It works great in the bath or when used as a massage oil (you’ll find it in our massage oil for this exact reason)! You’ll find it will help to ease pain in the lower back, knees, ankles… pretty much any problem joints! Mum and I both suffer with our joints so having an oil that can help with that in a massage oil was really important to us!

Suffer with hayfever? Roman Chamomile has your back! It has potent anti microbial properties and anti oxidants. These can help ease many of the symptoms associated with hayfever, such as congestion, swelling, and as mentioned above, skin irritations!

Best ways to use Roman Chamomile

  • Diffuse some near your bed for a restful sleep. This will also help to calm restless or stressed kids during the day
  • Pop a couple of drops on a cotton wool pad (or a re-usable face scrubbie) and apply to acne. You can also add a couple of drops to your regular face wash!

So what do you think? We love Chamomile for it’s beautiful aroma and awesome pain relieving, skin soothing properties!

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