Five Reasons to go Natural!

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Making your own natural products

So… There’s a growing awareness that products with natural ingredients are better for you. But why is that? When you do your household shop, you’ve seen bottles of glass cleaner on the shelves that ‘contain vinegar’ right? Washing up liquid with ‘lemon & lime’? Why? Because they actually work! I know… shocking isn’t it???

And while its awesome that these companies recognize the power of natural ingredients, they’re often lost among the other ingredients in that little bottle! So why is going properly natural best?


It helps the environment!

Products made from conventionally produced ingredients often have a negative impact on the environment. Take sunscreens for example… We’re only just now realising the damage that chemicals within conventional sunscreens are doing to our marine life! Poor fishies!


It avoids irritation!

Chemicals, artificial colours, fragrances and fillers can all cause irritation, redness and sore skin! A lot of these extras are used to bulk out products, so manufacturers can get more out of a batch and increase their profits… Some are added as preservatives. But most of them aren’t great for our skin long-term!


They’re nice and gentle!

Yes! Natural products are gentler to your body! It’s not rocket science! We are part of nature, so natural ingredients will work well with our systems! Its only in the last hundred years or so that we’ve been able to synthesize chemicals to have the same effect as plants & herbs. Why? Because its cheaper, quicker and easier for manufacturers!


There’s no bizarre side effects!

Ever tried a new moisturiser or shower gel and come out in a weird rash? Or borrowed someone else’s perfume and got a stonking headache? Horrible isn’t it?! And what a waste of money too! With natural products, you’re far less likely to suffer an adverse reaction, simply because there’s less nasties in there! Obviously you will still need to watch any allergies, but generally speaking, you should be far safer. Did you know… many manufacturers use ingredients which actually dry out your skin over time. They’re not daft. They want you to use more of the product so you end up buying more! Petroleum in lip balm… classic example!


Fresh air to breathe!

How many times have you sprayed bathroom cleaner and had to open all the windows? A fair few I’ll bet! Same with cleaning the oven, am I right?? There’s a lingering smell and sometimes it can really get on your chest! Not fun. Natural products don’t do that! They leave the air smelling lovely and fresh and with no nasty feeling in your lungs!


Bottom line? Natural products will always be better for you. Manufacturers wouldn’t be using natural ingredients in their products if they didn’t work! As with any new product, we always recommend trying it out slowly, just in case!


Interested in trying your own natural products? Its dead easy (And cheap) to make your own! We’ve come up with a really simple bathroom (Or kitchen) spray that works incredibly well! Want to get your hands on it? There’s even a couple of bonus recipes in there for you too! Just click here to grab the FREE recipes! It couldn’t be easier!


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