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We all know that the products we use on our skin can affect its health… but what about the tools we use to apply these products? So this month I’ve been delving into the world of mucky brushes! Most of us probably don’t clean our brushes half as often as we should… myself included! And there’s a few really good reasons we should keep on top of things!

Brushes get a huge build up of powders and creams before you know it!

1. Breakouts!

Ever get breakouts of small annoying little spots all over your face? When it doesn’t seem to be hormonal, or anything you ate? The problem could well be your make up brushes! So every time you use your make up brush, you’re not just applying your make up. The bristles are also picking up dirt, oils, dead skin cells, bacteria… anything that’s already on your face. Over time, and in amongst the moisture trapped in the bristles, this bacteria breeds, and then the next time you use your brush, its transferred to your face! Not a pleasant thought!

2. Smoother Application

I can always tell when my foundation brush needs a good clean. My make up doesn’t go on smoothly and I end up with a patchy, caked on look. Not the best look! Again, this is down to the build up of old make up within the bristles. It’s like trying to paint a picture with a brush covered in dried paint… it just doesn’t work!

3. Contamination

That’s a scary word isn’t it?! But it’s true! Remember the bacteria and dead skin cells that get trapped in the bristles? Well when you go to apply more make up, that bacteria gets transferred to your make up! Most make up is stored in a dark place (in a cupboard or make up bag) which is the perfect place for bacteria to grow. This is not only bad for your skin, but it will cause your make up to break down more quickly.

It’s also worth mentioning that make up has an expiration date. Mascara tends to last around three months, creams are good for about a year, and powders can last up to two years. Knowing when to chuck your out of date make up is important. You wouldn’t eat out of date food, so why put out of date products on your face?

Lather up your brushes with hand soap, washing up liquid or specialist brush cleaner.

4. Longer lasting brushes

Want your brushes to last longer? Keep them clean! All that build up of bacteria and gunk on your brush will break down the bristles faster.

So how often should you clean your brushes? The answer is… as often as you like! You don’t need to do it every day, but it all depends on how much make up you wear.

Personally, I like to do mine roughly once a week… by then I’m starting to notice that my make up isn’t going on as smoothly as it should, and my bristles are getting a bit clumpy. You can use a specially developed make up brush cleaner, but I like to use either liquid hand soap or washing up liquid. I find they break down the build up easily enough, and my brushes are left smelling lovely when I’m done!

The bottom line is, as long as you add brush cleaning into your skincare routine, they’ll last a good long while and your skin will thank you for it!

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