Product Feature – Blissful Body Butter!

This was the one! Blissful Body Butter was the start of all things Aroma Indulgence! If you’ve ever met us at an event or spoken to us in person you’ll know the story… I’ll try and cut it short for you!

Blissful Body Butter Then & Now

Mum went to a Chemist to buy a moisturiser, couldn’t pronounce any of the ingredients she saw so decided to make her own! Then, as she often does, came home and decided to do something completely different! She made a body butter! I pinched it and told her she needed to make more! And here we are nearly 3 years later!

So why a body butter rather than a lotion? Well to make a lotion consistency, you need to add water. We didn’t want to add water because what kind of environment does bacteria love to breed in? One with water! Have a look next time you’re browsing the supermarket shelves… the primary ingredient in almost all creams and lotions is ‘Aqua’ or water. That’s why they have a runny, lotion-like consistency. However, to stop bacteria breeding like crazy in the products, preservatives and antibacterial agents must be added. That’s what gives the products a longer shelf life.

Also, we all know that oil and water doesn’t mix, right? Well actually it can… but only when you add emulsifiers into the mix. Now you can get natural emulsifiers, (Or naturally derived at least), but we figure why complicate things? We like to keep our skincare as simple as possible!

Anyway… back to the butter. As well as the reasons above, Mum decided she wanted a nice, thick butter because it just feels so much more luxurious, right? And after doing a lot of research, she decided to whip it up! Yup. With a good old electric whisk! That’s what gives our butter its fluffy texture, rather than it being completely solid!

As for the essential oils… Mum has always been drawn to Lemon, that’s no secret. But it has a lot of benefits for your skin, especially when combined with Orange and Lime essential oils!

There are some surprising benefits that you might not know about! Check out our Beach Ready Body Polish feature to see what they are!

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Product Feature – Beach Ready Body Polish

Product Feature – Beach Ready Body Polish

Wooo! It’s nearly summer! Can you feel it? I can! So who is off on holiday this summer? It’s an in built thing to want to look and feel great when we’re away isn’t it?

So how can we make sure we look our best while we’re away? Or even just when we’re relaxing at home? Well my answer to this is exfoliation for the nation! (Sorry… couldn’t resist!) But seriously… exfoliating really is the best way to look after your skin and keep it looking in tip top condition.

This is why we created our Beach Ready Body Polish! We wanted something to compliment our Blissful Body Butter so that we could have a full on pamper session on the days we needed a little pick me up!

Beach Ready Body Polish
Beach Ready Body Polish

Your body naturally gets rid of its dead skin cells as it makes new ones. It’s dead clever like that! But sometimes it can struggle to keep up. So a little exfoliation once or twice a week can really help it along! It It will also encourage the skin to produce new skin cells which will keep it looking its best!

We kept things simple by using Dead Sea Salts as our base here. It’s a coarse enough grain to gently exfoliate the skin, but fine enough that it won’t irritate! It also has the added benefit of being a detoxifying agent. So as you’re gently exfoliating your skin, you’re also drawing out toxins from the skin. Nice!

As for the essential oils, we went for Orange, Lemon & Lime. Mostly for the wonderful fragrance the combination creates. It’s amazingly uplifting and it just makes you feel so fresh and zingy! But there are some surprising benefits hidden within these oils as well!

Hidden Benefits

We all know Lemon is a fabulous cleanser… but did you know that it’s also an antibacterial and antioxidant?! That means it will help brighten your skin and stop it looking dull!

Orange essential oil can help the body to absorb vitamin C and increase blood flow! This is essential for keeping your skin looking youthful! It can also help to boost collagen production! Bonus!

And Lime? Well this underrated little fruit packs a powerful punch! It’s anti-allergenic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic! Phew! So not only will it smell amazing when you use it, but it will do your skin the world of good by fighting off bad bacteria and reducing inflammation!

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Cleansing Oils

Why you NEED this beauty essential!

Switching from your regular cleanser to a nourishing cleansing oil could be the best decision you make when it comes to your skin care routine! It’s quick, completely natural and leaves your skin feeling wonderfully clean and hydrated! You may be wary of using oil on your face, especially if you have oily skin but rest assured, cleansing oils are suitable for ALL skin types and WON’T leave your skin feeling greasy! I have oily skin too and let me tell you, switching to the right cleansing oil was the best decision I ever made!

Cleansing Oils
Our Everyday and Clear Skin Cleansing Oils

Here’s why cleansing oils are so awesome…

Did you know that your skin naturally produces oil (Called sebum), which it needs to stay healthy and supple? Did you also know that using chemical or alcohol based cleansers can sometimes strip your skin of these natural oils? Especially if you’re using them a couple of times a day! This encourages your skin to produce more and more sebum, leading to breakouts! It’s a nasty cycle right?!

The great thing about cleansing oils is that they cling to the surface impurities in your skin (Everyday dirt and make up) and pull them out without clogging up your pores. This means that they can then be gently rinsed away leaving your skin thoroughly cleansed, refreshed, and with your skin’s PH levels beautifully balanced.

When looking for a natural cleansing oil, here’s a little tip… I know it’s obvious, but don’t go for one with water in it. We all know that oil and water don’t mix, so when they’re combined in skincare products, more ingredients are needed to force them to mix. These added extras are often what cause adverse reactions. Choose an oil that will heal your skin. Grapeseed is lovely and light so makes a great base for a cleanser. Jojoba is the closest oil to your skin’s own natural PH levels, so also works really well!

If you want to have a go at making your own, we have a great recipe in our Ebook – The Seven Day Glow. You won’t believe how easy it is!

Here’s what to do:

1. Tie your hair away from your face

2. Apply 4-5 drops to the palm of your hand and massage into your skin for a good 60 seconds. (Read about why right here)

3. Use a warm, damp cloth to remove all the oil and voila! You’re done!

4. The great thing about a natural cleansing oil is that you can even use it as a nourishing moisturiser too! 2-3 drops should be sufficient to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth!

How easy was that?!

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Supershine Hair Oil

Supershine Hair Oil

As you know, every product in our range was developed for a reason. The story behind the hair oil? Have you seen Mum’s hair? Looks awesome doesn’t it?! Despite being bleached to within an inch of its life, and heat styled and straightened almost every day!

The Mother of Aroma

So what did we use in this little power bottle? Well obviously argan oil had to play it’s part as we all know how good that is for your hair. But what else?

Well we added rosehip for its nourishing properties. But did you know lemon is amazingly clarifying for your hair? It can help protect against product buildup and keep your hair feeling fresh and clean.

Rose geranium oil has been added to stimulate hair growth. (More on that below).

We also added neroli. Partly for what its gorgeous fragrance adds to the mix, but did you know that neroli can be great for keeping headaches at bay?

We love our hair oil because it’s so versatile!

Hair oil uses

  1. Massage a few drops into your scalp either before bed (and leave on overnight) or a few minutes before you get in the shower. Then shampoo as normal knowing you’ve given your scalp a lovely nourishing treatment!
  2. Decant a few drops into a small bowl and pop into the microwave for a few seconds. Use as a hot oil treatment!
  3. Once you’ve finished styling your hair, apply just a couple of drops (not too many!) to the ends of your hair to re-invigorate it and help prevent dry, split ends.

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Natural Kisses Lip Balm

Hello again! How’s your January shaping up? Are you settling nicely into 2019?

This week Mum and I wanted to share with you why we love our lip balm! It’s a personal favourite of mine because when I first learned about aromatherapy, lip balm was my very first make! I must have only been fourteen or fifteen at the time because I remember writing about it in my business studies coursework! I wanted this kind of business even way back then!

Early Aromatherapy Business Plan
Back in the day when I was still in school!

Mum has developed a much better recipe than mine was back then thank goodness! So lets look at some of the ingredients we’ve used!

First of all we’ve got Shea Butter! This wonderfully nourishing butter is jam packed with fatty acids, vitamins, and healing properties. It also works really well as an anti-inflammatory ingredient! These properties are no doubt the reason so many cosmetics companies are using shea butter as a skin softening powerhouse!

Next up we have Beeswax! Now I love this because it forms a natural wall against the skin which locks in moisture and protects the skin against the cold weather and all the nasty bugs and dryness that come with it! Just like the shea butter, beeswax is a natural anti-inflammatory, and also has anti-bacterial properties too! And bonus… It won’t clog your pores like many petroleum based balms will!

Natural Kisses Lip Balm

To see more reasons to avoid petroleum based products, click here!

Product Feature – Sweet Dreams Night Cream!

Sweet Dreams Night Cream

Sweet Dreams Night Cream

So this time round we wanted to get a little more in depth with our Sweet Dreams Night Cream. Now I love a good night cream. I don’t know why, but I think it just feels nice right before I go to bed, to give myself a mini facial! Why not right?! Well it turns out there’s actual science to backup my randomness! According to scientists it’s actually beneficial to carry out most of your skincare routine at night rather than in the morning! Your skin will naturally repair itself while you sleep so giving it a little extra nourishment during the night is no bad thing!


Ingredients Matter!

So what have we put in it? Well, knowing that night time is the best time to feed your skin, our thoughts immediately went to Rosehip oil. If you’ve met us at an event, you’ll know just how much we love the stuff. It is quite literally a superfood for your skin! We also wanted to throw some peppermint in there too! Did you know that its great for helping to prevent acne?! Its true! Peppermint helps to regulate the skin’s oil production, and also has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, making it a great addition to any skincare regime!

Our night cream is deliberately richer than our Fantastic Face Whip. Why? Because we wanted it to work for you while you slept. We used Shea and Coconut butters that will sink into the skin and really deeply nourish it. Plus if you have really dry skin, or your skin is suffering in the colder months, a richer moisturiser will work wonders! We might call it a night cream, but you can absolutely use it in the morning too!

Sweet Dreams Night Cream

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Happy Hands Cream!

So we thought we’d share some behind the scenes information on one of our newest product! Our happy hands cream!


Happy Hands Cream


So whats the big deal???

For us, having a hand cream in our range of products was essential. Mum has suffered with sore hands for a long time thanks, in part, to working hours on end in the kitchen when we owned a pub in North Wales. And my nails have been way more brittle since having my son (The joys of children, right?!)


Its something we’ve been working on for what feels like forever, but we’ve never been able to get a consistency we were happy with. We knew one of the base ingredient should be coconut oil. Because its just ace. And as with all our products, we knew we couldn’t add water to thin it out. But… the problem with coconut oil, as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve used it yourself, is that it liquefies with the slightest amount of heat! Plus it solidifies again as soon as it cools! Nightmare when you’re trying to make a nice smooth cream!


Fast forward two years. We’ve played around with a few different recipes. Still haven’t come up with anything we’d be happy to let you guys use! Then, quite randomly, one of the parents at school asked if we made a tattoo balm! Ummmm no, but we could! (If you know me personally you know I tend to say yes immediately and then figure out how to make it work!) So we set about researching what bases and essential oils would work best.


Choosing our ingredients!


Then how to mix??? We hadn’t decided at this point if we wanted a cream or solid balm so we decided to try something we hadn’t attempted before… just a different way of combining the bases, nothing fancy… but it worked!!! I’m not kidding when I say it was like a scene from a TV show… Mum and I looked at each other and both practically screamed “Hand cream!” It was a proper light bulb moment!


So what next???


So… when we’d calmed down enough we let the experiment settle, and even put it in the fridge to see if it went solid. we put some more in a sample bottle… I literally sat with it under my armpit to try and melt it! It didn’t melt! Well that decided us! We’d only flippin’ done it!


Now keep in mind that this was supposed to be a tattoo balm! Not a hand cream! So of course we had to change some of the ingredients round to better suit its purpose, but once we’d done a couple more experiments we had the product you can now find on our website! It’s got a lovely uplifting fragrance, courtesy of Orange and Benzoin essential oils.


If you’ve never heard of benzoin before, its an amazing little oil that can help improve circulation, protect wounds from infection and can also help to relieve arthritis! powerful little sucker isn’t it?!


So that’s the story of how our hand cream came into being! When we say we research and experiment a lot with every single one of our products, this is the classic example! Almost two years in the making!